Effective Home Remedies for Nail Growth: Best Tips and Home Remedies for healthy Nails

September 18, 2017 admin

“The happiest girl always have the prettiest nails.” Said Tammy Taylor – and having a beautiful, attractive long nails is like Icing on the cake.

Girls are fond of their nails and desire to have healthy growing or long nails. Healthy nails reflects the state of your overall health. But what if your nail growth is slow? “Don’t worry, be happy”, being India’s best beauty brand, we have come up with a few solutions on how to grow nails faster.

Before we move on to the best tips and home remedies for healthy nail growth, let’s find out some factors that could contribute to poor nail growth.

The reason that  affects nail growth could be:

Nutrition deficiencies, hormonal changes, old age, hormonal changes in the body, medications and nutritional deficiencies, chemotherapy, and other disorders can affect nail growth.

Here are some tips that can give you dream nails.

Have a Healthy and Mixed Diet –  Vegetables are rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that maintain your nail’s strength.  Without using biotic supplement you can give equal strong staying power to your nails.

Healthy and Mixed Diet
Various Food to Get Stronger Nails:

  • Tomatoes & Bell Papers: These vegetable are a great source of  Vitamin C.
  • Spinach, Broccoli, & Collard Greens: Rich in iron, folate, and calcium
  • Egg: It has a good dose of vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron that increase finger thickness.
  • Fish: Rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids that maintain moisture in your nails.
  • Green Peas & Oats: Green Peas has a high level of protein, beta-carotene and vitamin C. these veggies helps in strengthening the finger nails.
  • Coconut Oil & Flaxseed Oil: These are great source of protein and zinc, B vitamin, potassium, zinc, magnesium and etc. to boost nail growth.

 Keep Fingernails Dry & Clean – 

Keep Fingernails Dry & CleanTo prevent fungal infections from invading your nails, wear latex cotton-lined gloves when cleaning dishes, kitchen or scrubbing the bathroom to keep your nails clean and dry.

Use Biotin Supplements for Nail Growth – 

Home Remedies for healthy Nail Growth

A people with brittle nail may benefit from supplement biotin. As fingertips are home to various types of bacteria, fungus, and yeast, biotin prevents bacteria from growing under your fingernails.

Use Nail Polish – 

Home Remedies for healthy Nails

Wearing  nail polish is always a great idea. Nail polish prevents my nails from breakage and makes my hands even more attractive.

Use lotion and cuticle oil for Moisturizing – 

Home Remedies for long Nails

Keep in mind that only following a healthy diet is not enough to promote nail growth. One should also use moisturizing hand lotion and cuticle oils to achieve long and strong nails.

Effective Home Remedies For Nail Growth | Best Tips and Home Remedies for healthy Nails | Keep Fingernails Dry & Clean | Use Biotin Supplements for Nail Growth | Use Nail Polish