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Before Winter Months Arrives: Know Nail Care Secrets

October 16, 2019 admin

Winter Season is Knocking on the Door!

The winter warning signs are louder now. As you are aware that winter season is all about good food, talk beside the fire, and reminds you of warm cosy blankets with hot coffee. On the other hand, it brings cracked, broken, and craggy nails.

Winter is hard on your hands and fingertips, so it is important that you follow a winter-appropriate beauty regimen to get winter-happy skin.

Before dry hands and nails appear in the winter months, follows these tips:

  1. Don’t Go Around with Naked Nails: It is important to keep your nail polished in the winter season. If you want to service the winter keep your nail away from water. Nail absorb all the water which causes losing all of those healthy oils which leads to breaking. Applying base coat, the polish, topcoat is the best way to protect your nails from water. Wear gloves while engaging in household chores to keep your nail dry.
  2. Soaking Nails in Lukewarm Water: To keep your nail winter-happy, it is necessary to soak them once a week in hot water for better 10 mins. After that massage with coconut oil to keep your nails moisture.
  3. Stay hydrated: During winter, Your body hydrates itself from the inside. No need to drink much water in the winter months. Drinking at least 7 glasses of water will be sufficient.
  4. Consider Keeping Nail Short: It’s smart to keep your nails clipped short to decrease the chances of your nails breaking and chipping.
  5. Avoid Biting Nails: Be nice to your nails, avoid biting and peeling your nails. These activities can damage your nails badly.

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