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Tricks To Apply Liquid Eyeliner Like a Beauty Pro: A Quick and Easy Guide

16 Oct 2021

Someone rightly said “Eyes speak louder than words”, as eye makeup screamed for attention. Eyeliner can do wonder for your image when applied correctly. Eye makeup can boost your makeup style and make you look presentable throughout the day.

Eye has a potential to contribute extra to your beauty that can turn your ordinary look into something different. To create perfect winged eyeliner, there are certain tricks that can be made to make you look adorable and charming.  


  1. Take off Last Night’s Makeup: Make sure you remove your most stubborn eye makeup around the eye area by makeup remover. You can use cotton pad with a dual-phase (water & oil) to remove makeup effortlessly and painlessly.
  2. Apply Eyelid Primer: One you done cleansing your eyes, put a thin layer of Eye shadow primer on the eyelids with your fingertips to hide your dark marks. This will assist with longer wear and help you get smooth canvas to apply eyeliner.
  3. Draw a row of dots or dashes in the middle of the lash line: Avoid putting liquid eyeliner in a single line. Draw a row of dots first in the middle of the lash line. Once you feel the dots are perfect, use slow stroke to connect the dots carefully. This help you to achieve classy look that never goes out. Classy
  4. Draw small dots at the inner corner of the eye: Use your liquid eyeliner to draw a thin line narrowing inner corner of the eye to give perfect finish.
  5. Add Small Tail at the Outer Edge: Get playful with your eyes by creating small tail at the outer edge of your eyelid. Apply thin stroke eyeliner and widening as desired for creating the outer wing tip.
  6. Final Touch Up To Your Eyes: Finally you know how to do eye makeup with liquid eyeliner and it is time to give some last essential touch-up. Eyeliner is incomplete without waterproof mascara that add more length and volume to your lashes. To get a dramatic look, you use colored mascara that make the eyes look really beautiful.


Why Juice Liquid Eyeliner:

The long-wearing eyeliner offers the precision of liquid liner with the ease of a gel-based formula—all with 12 hours of waterproof and sweat- and humidity-resistant wear. It glides easily onto lids, and then dries to a flexible finish that will not flake or fade.

This Preciseyeliner from Juice Cosmetics give your eyes a stunning look. This waterproof eyeliner is easy to apply and gives you glossy texture.

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