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Har Color supersafe-Every color we make for Her is supersafe!

27 Mar 2024

JUICE cosmetics encourages you to immerse yourself in safe celebrations this Holi, with skin safe organic colors and safe makeup we curate for mothers, daughters and sisters of India.

It’s important for any color that touches your skin, eyes, and lips to be free from harmful chemicals, parabens, alcohol and other damaging elements. The trend is to play safe this Holi, with natural colors that care for your skin, gulaal which is made of natural ingredients like turmeric, rose petals, henna, neem, rice flour.

It has been JUICE’s mission to offer, clean makeup devoid of toxic chemicals, yet high performance products. Additionally our makeup is long wear, transfer resistant, have certified pigments in them and are cruelty-free. This aligns with the evolving needs of the modern consumer who is extremely quality conscious.

JUICE believes in the dual aspect of safety and high-performance and curates makeup lovingly for mothers, daughters and sisters of India, with best of safe ingredients. The concern for safety, is manifested in our makeup, which is replete with natural ingredients, tested in our integrated research lab, factory and distribution facility. All components of our makeup undergo stringent evaluations and are manufactured through controlled production processes.

JUICE makeup and organic gulaal is the best combo to play supersafe this HOLI!

As, every color cosmetic by JUICE is supersafe!

Har Color is Supersafe for Her!

Make a splash with supersafe colors for her by JUICE!

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