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Clean Beauty and the Saga of Supersafe Lip color

15 Feb 2024

What is clean makeup? Its makeup devoid of toxins like parabens, etc. contain ingredients which have minimal chemical load and are committed to safety standards in makeup.

Plenty of conventional lipstick brands, use potentially harmful chemicals like parabens and lead which are basically toxins, but have to be used as a preservative and colorant in a lipstick respectively.

But the increasing participation of women in all spheres of life, have triggered the emerging need for ethical lipsticks, an essential grooming tool for the quality conscious, aware, empowered woman of today, who wants to flaunt her style unapologetically, yet ensure that she chooses a lipstick which contains responsibly sourced, clean ingredients.

 Why does a lipstick have to be super safe?

  • We breathe polluted air and consume water which is not clean always, while we are not in control of environmental ills, we can make smart choices with regards to the lipstick we use.
  • Some regular lipsticks available in the market are not toxin free, and while all don’t pose health risks, prolonged and repetitive usage, causes damage to your lips. Parabens present in some lipsticks are directly linked to cancer and lead in some poses alarming health challenges.
  • Lipstick lasts on our lips all day, hence the components of it is significant.
  • We ingest some percentage of the lip color, however small with food and drinks even if the lip color is transfer proof.
  • A significant part of the users are vegan and most of us love animals, hence we would consciously abandon a brand of lipstick which isn’t vegan or is tested on animals.
  • Exposure to chemical load in lipsticks wreak havoc on our lips.

A functional lipstick which promotes well-being of our lips and skin is the need of the hour.

Why is a JUICE lipstick super safe?

Brands are incorporating the evolving requirements and appealing to users with their organic tags, long stay claims and promises of containing nourishing ingredients. We at JUICE are committed to safety and superior quality, and this reflects in our lipsticks and entire makeup range. We are living up to the clean standards by providing vegan, cruelty free, harmful chemical free lipsticks which are fortified with plant based natural ingredients and bio retinol which has for the very first time been introduced in an Indian lipstick.

Owing to our integrated R&D, manufacturing and distribution facility, we subject our lipsticks to stringent quality checks, thorough research and regulated distribution. Hence we can safely claim that our lipstick is clean and super safe to the core!

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