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How to Shine Holistically this Monsoon? -Make a splash this monsoon with colors…

05 Jul 2023

Whether you are a pro or very new to the world of makeup, you can adopt a strategy to shine even during these tricky monsoon months -avoid messy makeup, keep the look natural and keep heath issues at bay -read on to know how? 

While monsoon brings freshness, greenery and drop in temperatures, it poses immense challenges to makeup which grapples with humidity and runs in no time. Eye makeup smudges, lip color doesn’t stay, and foundation can look patchy. Our health, especially gut health, can be compromised due to exposure to microbes all around. Bacteria and fungi can wreak havoc with our health overall.  

Our tip for a healthy you during monsoons 

Take immense care of your gut health during monsoon- 

  • Consume seasonal fruits like Pears, plums, pomegranates, and cherries. 
  • Smoothie with cucumber ginger lemon and honey 
  • Lactose free drinks like soymilk and almond milk 
  • Include turmeric and black pepper in your diet. These have anti-inflammatory properties and are rich in antioxidants. 

Include these products in your daily makeup routine to shine from outside during monsoons- 

1.Liptints like JUICE Lip tints and Color Luxe lip color instead of lipsticks. -the JUICE Lip tint and Color Luxe are transfer proof, waterproof liquid lipsticks which are perfect for all day wear, lasts long and can withstand long showers during the rainy season. They contain bio retinol which locks hydration from inside and don’t run at all. They can double up as eyeshadow and cheek tint as well instead of powder-based eyeshadows and blushers which are completely unsuitable for monsoons. Moreover, pick nudes and lighter shades amongst the vast array of colors to sport the natural look this season. 

2.Waterproof intense eye makeup like the JUICE Intense Eyeliners, Sketch Eyeliners and JUICE Mascara which are transfer proof, waterproof and long lasting and have FDA approved pigments in them. Clean your eyes thoroughly before applying eye makeup, and do not share eye makeup brushes with anyone. Eyes are the most prone to infections during rainy season the most. 

3.Steer clear of foundations during rainy season -opt for a waterproof water-based formulation instead. 

4.Choose from the innumerable shades of nail paints by JUICE from the following ranges to create interesting nail art and make a statement with nails. Monsoon is the season to flaunt bright nails and interesting shades to nail the look.  

Nugel-non-UV gel nail paints 

Shine Range of nail paints 

Metallic Mattes 

Glitter Mattes 

JUICE One Coat Nail paints and Long Stay Nail Paints 

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