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Monsoon proof your lip color with lip tints instead of lipsticks

05 Jul 2023

While the much-awaited monsoons bring freshness and greenery, they also bring waterlogging woes and runny makeup. 

While we cannot put our lives on hold for the entire season, we need to embrace the joys of monsoon and live our lives to the fullest. This can be optimized with monsoon special grooming and makeup.  

When it comes to lip color and blushes, limited options can withstand the onslaught of heavy rainfall. 

This is the apt time to apply waterproof lipstick both as lip color and cheek tint. Eliminate your non transfer proof lipstick and powder blusher, even a powder eyeshadow and embrace lip tint as a substitute for all three.  

This is a triple whammy as it trebles up as blusher lip color and eyeshadow and occupies miniscule space in your makeup kit.  

If you must use powder blush use it as a combination with cream blush. 

Waterproof Eye makeup- 

The JUICE Intense Eyeliner, sketch eyeliner and mascara are all transfer proof, waterproof and long stay. Shine in your monsoon trips and outings with your favorite shade of eyeliner and mascara and brave the rainy seasons and water woes. Monsoon time is also when the eyes are prone to multiple infections. Using FDA approved eyeliners and mascaras will effectively deal with this problem. 

All well known brands have waterproof eye makeup. Take your pick from light formulations. 

Waterproof foundations- 

Waterproof and sweatproof foundations are available in the market which are matte finish and full coverage. This could be your ideal companion for the monsoons.  

The last but not the least step during monsoons is to remove all makeup with a remover before sleeping as the eyes and skin are susceptible to infections during this time. Slay the monsoon makeup look with these hacks and stay beautiful. 

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