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Eye Makeup for the bespectacled

27 Jul 2023

Eyes are the most expressive features of a person's face, capable of articulating a wide range of emotions. Enhancing our best features can elevate our overall appearance and provide makeup enthusiasts with a beautiful outlet to express their creativity. 

However, wearing glasses can present challenges for individuals. Although switching to contact lenses is an option, the constant process of putting them on and taking them off can be cumbersome. Fortunately, with the wide array of spectacle choices available in terms of shape, size, and colour, one no longer needs to worry about appearing nerdy or geeky while wearing glasses. By strategically applying eye makeup that complements bespectacled individuals, their best features, namely their eyes, can be wonderfully highlighted. Additionally, regularly cleaning the lenses with a microfiber lint-free cloth can make maintaining glasses much easier compared to contact lenses. 

We at JUICE are providing solutions for bespectacled makeup lovers in the following ways: 

Eyeliners – To rock the glasses look, consider opting for vibrant eyeliners in shades of green or blue, rather than sticking to plain black. The addition of a colourful eyeliner creates a bolder statement that shines through the lenses of your spectacles, enhancing the expressiveness of your eyes. 

Mascara – People who wear glasses may encounter the common issue of their eyelashes brushing against the lenses, leading to smudges from mascara. To overcome this challenge, it is advisable to use waterproof mascara with quick-drying properties, enabling you to effectively curl your lashes upwards. This approach effectively addresses the problem of wayward eyelashes. 

Concealers (to hide dark circles) – Prior to applying eye makeup, it is crucial to address any dark circles by using an appropriate concealer. This step ensures that your eye makeup stands out and looks impeccable. To even out the dark circles, gently blend the concealer using a sponge. Next, line your eyes and opt for subtle eyeshadows to enhance your sophisticated glasses look. It is worth noting that people who wear glasses should pay extra attention to minimising the appearance of dark circles. 

Eyebrow pencils – It is essential for people who wear glasses to ensure that their eyebrows are well-trimmed, shaped, and properly lined. This attention to detail is particularly important as the focus on eyebrows and eyes is heightened for those who wear spectacles. 

Incorporate the above pointers to accentuate your eyes and shine through your bespectacled look. 

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