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How to shine with the right lipstick?

05 Jul 2023

The right/wrong lipstick can make or break you. The perfect pout can elevate an ordinary look to new highs. But which lipstick is relevant for the look you want to sport? Is it the classy matte for a corporate setting or a dazzling gloss for the evening out and partying till the wee hours of the morning? 

Decide based on various factors namely- 

  • Season 
  • Thin lips or full lips?
  • Occasion 
  • Time of the day-morning, afternoon, evening, night?  

Involving all the above factors will lead to a well-balanced decision for choosing the apt lipstick. 

The most basic differentiator is the matte or gloss look. Whether you like the classic formal look or shimmery glow take your pick accordingly. Which formulation gels with your setting will depend on a whole host of reasons-Glosses tend to run during hot summers and monsoons-these are the seasons to flaunt matte lipsticks all along. Choose a matte long stay formula for the hottest of days during summer and wet days during monsoon. Matte lipsticks are also highly pigmented, opaque and gives a solid look rather than shine. It also looks good on fuller lips and gel better in formal settings. 

Glossy lipsticks on the other hand are known for their brilliant shine, give plumping effect to thinner lips and are less pigmented than their matte counterparts. But they have that magical property to transform a look, apt for a more glamorous setting, casual outing, or evening look. Glossy shine and superlative hydration are what one can expect with a glossy shade. 

When it comes to seasons, mattes can be used during summers and monsoons and glosses can elevate winter or spring evenings. 

Lip glosses are perfect for easy application as they glide on effortlessly whereas matte lipcolors may require more precision and better accompanied by lip pencils. 

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