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Why do we believe in cruelty free and vegetarian makeup?

05 Jul 2023

At JUICE, we believe that a makeup brand grows only when it incorporates changes in environment and reflects the right values. 

Sustainability and environment-friendly are trending keywords right now and will be in years to come. All of us are ambassadors of the environment and sustainability and each one of us can contribute to making the world a better place to live. 

When you cannot do huge things, do small things in a huge way. It starts with something as small as choosing the right makeup. So many of us are pet parents-when we say that we are animal lovers we should walk the talk too! That’s exactly why we don’t want to use makeup which is tested on animals or has animal byproducts in its ingredients. The need for safe cruelty free and vegetarian makeup has grown in line with the need to use products which are kind to the environment. We at JUICE have this ingrained in our value system. That’s why we offer products which are free from harmful chemicals, animal cruelty free and have ECO cert preservatives, natural SPF and FDA approved pigments. All our products are ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested. 

At JUICE we want you to shine without having to worry about makeup damaging your skin. 

We also have an integrated R&D, manufacturing and distribution facility which enables us to keep a firm grip on quality with values. 

The need for this aspect of make up can be explained as follows- 

  • Being pet parents and animal lovers ourselves we shy away from using products which are tested on animals and have animal biproducts in their ingredients. Top makeup brands are ditching animal biproducts like lanolin, gelatin, beeswax, carmine etc. and embracing plant based natural ingredients. 
  • Toxins and harmful chemicals in make up damage the skin to an extent where recovery or damage control is impossible. They tend to cause irritable rashes and allergies, treatment of which can be expensive and a long-drawn process. 
  • When makeup is replete with goodness in natural ingredients, it helps one to shine from within and outside. JUICE aims to elevate human potential by upping the shine in millions of women in India. Hence the need to use quality ingredients in our makeup. 
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